Birth Art

Posted by: bailey on October 5th, 2015

The intuitive mind is sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. -Albert Einstein

It is my belief that pregnancy is time of preparation and of learning and what better way to do that than challenge ourselves to engage with our slightly neglected right brain.

There is a great little video here that I have attached that discusses the roles of the right and left hemispheres of the brain and how we in our society have slowly come to over value the left hemisphere. The left hemisphere generally looks at the world narrowly with sharply focused attention to detail. It decontextualizes material being processed, categorizes it, takes it out of reality and renders it lifeless. These things are very valuable for operating in the world and helps us do such things as planning and organizing.

Although there is extreme value in the way the left side of the brain operates, I believe that what the right side of the brain has to offer is critically important and perhaps should be leading our interaction in the world. The right sided brain is broader in its view, open, evolving, relational. The right hemisphere understands metaphor and deals with emotional expression. If we can tap into this side of the brain and learn a little from this side of the brain about what is happening for us then I believe that we will get a more complete understanding of what we need to grow and develop as humans.

This is where art comes in. There is a ton of evidence to show that art is an amazing way to engage with the right hemisphere as it connects with metaphor and emotional expression. The right side of the brain is also really connected with the function of birthing. This is why Mothering Touch on Fort St in Victoria is offering Birth Art classes. Why not explore and see what you can get for yourself in one of their Birth Art Classes as you engage with this part of the brain and bring an open exploration to the subject of birth that will help you process and learn about yourself in a whole new way!

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