Safety and Healing

Todays neurobiology is reminding us, as many of us have forgotten this intuitive fact, that safety is an essential part of healing. This may be a result of the way our society is now a prioritizing of cognitive processes over feelings and body sensations. As we learn to listen to our body and take its


Birth Art

The intuitive mind is sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. -Albert Einstein It is my belief that pregnancy is time of preparation and of learning and what better way to do that than challenge ourselves to engage with our slightly neglected right brain. There is a great little video here that


Mindfulness as Childbirth Preparation

Mindfulness a Childbirth Preparation Come and learn mindfulness as part of how you are choosing to prepare for childbirth and parenting. Mindfulness can help parents find calm and ease during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. It is about paying attention in the moment without judgement. In the course we will explore the basics of mindfulness and how


Chronic Pain- Counselling as a Strategy

I work with a variety of people who are struggling with chronic pain. Much of my work with these clients involves retraining the nervous system. This involves learning ways to notice the what is happening in your nervous system and then learning how to decrease the activation in the nervous system from an activated stated


Healing Trauma: Birth Preparation

A 4 week course working on the first stage of trauma healing according to Judith Herman—Creating safety. A 4 week course working on the first stage of trauma healing according to Judith Herman—Creating safety. Trauma is experienced when the nervous system is overwhelmed. There are many ways that this happens for an individual. Sometimes it


This time of year…

This time of year can be hard for people.. Little light can bring with it a bit more sadness than usual. Getting outside, exercising, eating well, connecting with people you care about, getting a SAD lamp, and coming for supportive counselling can all be helpful. Here is another suggestion from Pema Chodron.

Trauma and How Counselling Can Make a Difference!

Trauma and How Counselling Can Make a Difference! What is Trauma? Trauma is a highly subjective experience and can be caused by a wide range of experiences. Broadly it can be described as an experience that overwhelms the normal coping of an individual. The nervous system is what is responsible for protecting us when we


Herpes Support Group

Herpes Support Group Herpes is caused by one of two Herpes Simplex Viruses (HSV). It is a sexually transmitted infection that causes flu like symptoms, sores, tingling, itching and burning. There are two types of HSV, Type 1 and Type 2. HSV 1 is most often seen around the mouth and is also called a


using narrative therapy in my practice….

As I am using Narrative Therapy in my practice these days I thought I would let you know a little bit about it… Narrative Therapy Narrative Therapy is different from traditional therapies and psychological perspectives as it is one of the therapies that stems from the postmodern approach of social constructivism (Corey, 2009). Grown out


Vancouver Island Naturopathic Clinic

We are hosting an Evening of Rememberance for parents grieving from the loss of a child or pregnancy. Pregnancy or child loss is a unique type of loss that is often misunderstood. Grieving from this type of loss is sometimes unacknowledged. This evening will allow people to come together and connect with other parents and


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